Playing a Chinese song in Piano

less than 1 minute read


The name of the song is The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心). You can find Bon Jovi’s cover (Yes, he sang this song in Chinese) version of the song as well.

2023 Maui Oceanfront Marathon

3 minute read


Maui Oceanfront Marathon has a fun course, though it is not fast. The temperature was in the 70-80 range, and the humidity was above 60%. I finished this Marathon on 2023 January 15th in under 4 hours.


My 2022 Annual Review

8 minute read


Here is my annual review of 2022 to answer the following three questions:

Improve Your Job Talk

5 minute read


To err is human. We all make mistakes occasionally, but mistakes during a job talk may cost you a nice job offer. Here are some tips for delivering a good job talk.

A Boston Marathon Without Running

3 minute read


Fifteen minutes before boarding the car to the starting line, I passed out. My doctor had suggested I take two puffs of albuterol sulfate before racing so that my mild asthma would not kick in during the race. When I passed out after one puff, I was confused about whether I was awake or asleep. Once I regained consciousness, I went to open my hotel room door and used a trash can to block the door so that it wouldn’t close. I grabbed my phone and was about to call 911 as I went to prone position. I crawled to the bathroom to throw up my breakfast and determine if I should call. After vomiting, I felt nauseous but nothing life threatening. I checked my Coros watch and it showed my heart rate had dropped to 65, rather than my usual 74. Then I told my friends to leave without me since I would not be able to run.


My 2021 Annual Review

6 minute read


Learning from the author of Atomic Habit, James Clear, I plan to write an annual review of 2021 to answer the following three questions: