Spike - by Spike Lee


Spike - by Spike Lee

Read: 2023-12-17

Recommend: 7/10

I’m a fan of Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” movie, especially Denzel Washington’s portrayal of the iconic figure.


Here are some text that I highlighted in the book:

  1. 1986 “When We Were Making She’s Gotta Have It, We Were All Saving Empty Soda Cans And Bottles To Turn In For Nickels. That’s How We Got Money To Buy Film. I Can Tell You About Having My Phone And Electricity And Gas Cut Off When I Couldn’t Pay The Bills, And That Experience Was Good For Me.

  2. 1999 “That Summer Of ‘77 Was Pivotal Because I Was A Young Man In The World Just Trying To Find My Place, Discovering Who I Was And Asking, What Am I Gonna Do?

  3. 2014 But I Do Put My Own Money In My Films. I Self-Financed Red Hook Summer. My Fee For Malcolm X Was Put Back Into The Budget. The Truth Is I’ve Been Doing Kickstarter Before There Was Kickstarter, There Was No Internet. Social Media Was Writing Letters, Making Phone Calls, Beating The Bushes. I’m Now Using Technology With What I’ve Been Doing!”

  4. 2019 Our Ancestors Were Stolen From Mother Africa And Brought To Jamestown, Virginia, Enslaved. Our Ancestors Worked The Land From Can’t See In The Morning To Can’t See At Night.

  5. 2020 My Thing Is This: You Can’t Get More Patriotic Than Speaking Truth To Power About What Is Wrong With This Country. That’s A Patriotic Act Of The Utmost. When You Not Just Going Along To Get Along, Where You Was Saying, No, This Is Wrong. No, This Is Hateful. No, This Is Shameful! Those Are Patriotic Acts.”

  6. “Why ‘Short Films’? Michael Jackson Always Insisted That Is What / Should Call Them. He Didn’t Believe That ‘Music Videos’ Respected The Craft.”